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Life calendar [2016]

Tim Urban inspired me with his TED talk and blog post to build up this tiny web project. It's a calendar which shows a 90-years-life of a person. You can put in your birthday and the calendar shows you how many weeks you've got left. In addition I created a PDF version of the calendar. You can print it out and enjoy crossing a new rectangle each week that has gone ;)
Seize the day! [2015]

explain-it is a team of more than 20 explanation experts. Their website is their main lead-generator, so it's important to emotionalize the user from the very first beginning. At the same time there are loads of IE8 users, so HTML 5 was no option for the technical part. Always with consultation with the customer we ended up with a pretty simple page with lot's of explaining videos. It's a simple website, but the first feedback of explain-it's customers was pretty good and we'll keep optimizing on that project.

WistiaStatsPro [2014]

WistiaStatsPro uses the Wistia Data API and some own crawling scripts to:
  • offer historical values for all performance data
    loads, avg. engagement, play rate, visitors, plays hours watched
  • add and manage optimizations to improve video-performance [2013/2014] is one of Germany's biggest online-shops for events like "Dinner in the dark" or "Drive a Lamborgini". The old page-concept developed over years of practice ended up as a messy mingle-mangle of...stuff. It was my job to reinvent the page completely from scratch. The conceptional part took me about seven months and the coding was done by some amazing people!

protonet countdown [2014]

In June or July 2014 protonet got my attention because of their idea to build "The most easiest server on eath". That was a pretty catchy phrase so I digged into what this startup was talking about. I've been using a NAS and groupware-software for years now but always working on foreign servers and most of all with different services/ sofware was an annoying pain in the ass sometimes. Long story short: They did a new world record in founding 3 million euros in only about 133 hours. I also invested a little bit ;) ...and then I had to wait for about six months for my little protonet-box. So I built a little countdown who told me and other protonet-fans how long we've to wait until delivery. I got a pretty positive response on twtitter and after all it was a little fun with a one-pager which took me about 2 hours. :)

Protonet delivery countdown

Online-petition for saving an refugee family [2013]

My mother told me about an refugee family with three children who are hunted in their home country Armenia because the dad (a former police officer) arrested someone who has some serious underground-connections. So they had to flee from their country and went to Austria. But the Austrian government refused to grant them asylum and tried to expel them several times. So I started an online-petition in order to "force" the government to grant them a lifelong right of abode...and after about six months and with help of thousands of people we succeeded! Now the family lives in a tiny Austrian town, the father started a little gardening-business and they all lived happily ever after.. :-)
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